College. Capstone. Concepts.

For my college capstone project, I wanted to explore the process of developing a visual identity for a conceptual National Football League (NFL)┬áteam. After researching possible cities that could realistically form an NFL franchise, I chose Las Vegas to be the home for the Vegas Venom. (This project was created years prior to the Oakland Raiders deciding to relocate to Las Vegas). By creatively and critically thinking beyond just colors and logos, I formulated this conceptual team’s brand, representing specific emotions and attitudes that would be represented by this sports franchise. Primary logos, secondary logos, patterns, custom fonts, uniform designs, field designs, and promotional material were all created as a part of this process . Not only was this an enjoyable project that sparked my love for sports design, it also gave me an early taste of what it takes to research and learn about the process of creating a brand. This is the original, unaltered final presentation from 2017.