Learning From The Best

During the 2017 -18 NFL season, I was blessed to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization as the graphic design intern. Prior to moving to Florida, I was not aware of how talented the creative services team was and how much I would grow during my internship. I quickly learned to take advantage of this experience by soaking up as much as I could from the experienced designers around me (Tyler Trout, David Sharpensteen, Evita Ortiz, and Dave Heringer). During my time with the Bucs, my growth as a designer and creative skyrocketed. I will always be grateful for this opportunity and how it jumpstarted my professional design career.

What Day Is It? ...GAMEDAY!

In order to build excitement for each Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, one of the designers was given the opportunity to create their own digital gameday poster. Designing according to our brand standards and campaign is an important priority. But, these projects allowed us some more freedom from those guidelines, giving us a chance to think more outside of the box and design something that let our individual styles shine through.

Creative Collaboration

These videos were a creative collaboration with Jim Wolak, the Buccaneers’ video production intern during my time as the graphic design intern. (You can learn more about Jim here.) After I designed all of the graphics and assets needed for these ideas of ours, Jim was able to bring them to life by animating them and editing the videos. We both had a great time working on these projects. Not only did we come up with the ideas, as interns, but we were able to take those ideas and bring them to fruition on our own.

Large Scale. Short Deadline.

One of my first projects as an intern was quickly creating my first (at the time) large-scale print graphics. These training camp tent banners were designed for Buccaneers Academy, an initiative the aimed at supporting the community in the areas of education. This experience taught me that time is a luxury and sometimes we only have a few hours to create graphics, no matter the scale.

Information. Imagery. Inboxes.

Other responsibilities with the Buccaneers included designing emails to be sent to the fans. These were mainly intended to provide important gameday information, updates, and details that the fans might need. I was also able to design a couple infographics for an email that highlighted the new additions and renovations to Raymond James Stadium that season.