The Digital Space

Like many others, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the Zumiez marketing team’s approach to their normal in-person events. With the inability to promote and host these events in stores, it was time to adapt to the digital space. Events with brands, store employees, our marketing team, and the company shifted mainly towards video streams on Twitch and Youtube. Thus, one of my responsibilities was designing unique promotional and event assets that would be utilized though these primary digital mediums. As seen in the example below, one of the events we created was called Anime Payday and was hosted by the brand Hypland. We had individuals participate in a virtual game show that would test their anime knowledge and allow them to win prizes. Thus, specific streaming frames and assets needed to be made in order to make this event look and feel like a real game show. 

Skating. Karate. SKARATE.

For the first time, during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, both skating and karate became official Olympic events. Thus, SKARATE was born. I had the pleasure of creating multiple logos and illustrations to not only promote the streamed Skarate video series, but also designed multiple promotional items that our audience could receive by becoming a member of our Skarate club.


Creating A New Language

For Zumiez Mischief Week with A Lost Cause, I had the opportunity to create branding, a cryptic letterset, physical decoder, and mystery puzzle. During this event, customers all over the country had to find hidden puzzle pieces in select stores and share with the Discord community to help solve the mystery!


Embodying the Brand

Our marketing department collaborates with a variety of brands that have individual goals and branding. Thus, when creating assets for these events with different brands, I have learned to build promotional packages that are specifically designed to visually represent the event, the theme, the brands involved, and Zumiez too. This requires much research, thoughtfulness, and iterating to successfully accomplish that goal.